About Triangle Food Products Baking Supplier

A Growing Need for Commercial Baking Supplies in Raleigh

Triangle Food Products was founded in 2001 by Jan Slattery when she recognized a need in the North Carolina commercial bakery market for an ingredient supply service that was dependable and affordable. After beginning by crafting specialized chocolates, Jan soon realized there was enough customer demand to increase the number and type of products she offered. Since then, she has continued to expand the selection of commercial baking supplies to meet the needs of a growing client base.

Our Customers Come First

The secret ingredient to our recipe for success is our customers. We know that by helping your bakery, restaurant, or store succeed, we are helping ours. We take integrity and quality seriously and are committed to bringing the best ingredients and products to commercial and large scale bakeries at a price that is honest and fair. When you choose Triangle Food Products you’re choosing a company who understands what it's like to run and operate a bakery, from the need for quality ingredients to supplies that save you time. When you choose TFP you’re choosing a company made of bakers, by bakers, and for bakers.

Why Choose Triangle Food Products?

When you choose TFP as your go-to provider of wholesale baking ingredients and supplies, you know you’re keeping your money right here in Raleigh. Unlike big-name national suppliers, we focus on developing a unique relationship with each of our clients that stresses our priorities in regards to maintaining the reliability and quality of our offerings at the highest level possible. When you partner with Triangle Food Products you can rest assured that your business is getting the special attention it needs in order to continue to succeed and grow.